The Mistake

Cyber criminals don’t sleep. While they think you are, they are probing to find your vulnerabilities. Cyber threats attack companies from outside and from inside their networks – and they are stealthy. With an ever growing attack surface (email, internet, flash drives, PCs, laptops, tablets, cell phones, cloud connectivity – you name it) it is easy for threats to exploit your network’s vulnerabilities and bring your business to its knees. Basic anti-virus packages are like a condom with a hole in it. Almost protective…but not 100%. In our experience, only 100% is 100%, and you want full protection when it comes to your IT. Our number one late night call is almost always to do with debilitating surprises, where a new client has been hacked or taken advantage of. The problem is when you know you’ve been hacked, it’s too late.


How can Shadownet help? Our clients avoid these costly mistakes by incorporating our state of the art analysis tools to examine their networks and determine where they are most vulnerable. We then embed our proprietary defence mechanisms right into the heart of the devices in use – and monitor them 24/7 going forward. Shadownet never sleeps… so that you can.

Client conditions… sound familiar?

Threatened by intruders attacking your network and uncertain whether your firewall solution is best of breed

Confused about differences between malware vs viruses vs exploits vs ransomware, and how to defend against them

Unsure whether your remote access to resources is secure or if your VPN technology has adequate encryption

Confronted by internal threats such as infidelitydata leakage and intellectual property theft

Ineffective management of sensitive environments such as school, financial institutions, places of worship, or similar from inappropriate data streams

If you are concerned about areas of your IT that security mistakes could be lurking in, Shadownet is a security detective that finds and resolves these mistakes.

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