The Mistake

Poor IT forecasting and budgeting will sabotage your businesses plans and progress. It is quickly emerging as South Africa’s foremost cause of IT disasters. The Harvard Business Review has confirmed that leading organizations worldwide widely acknowledge that forecasting is at the heart of the business performance management process and that IT forecasting is a significant driver of business confidence.


Badly planned and budgeted IT strategies and roadmaps land businesses in a whole world of pain, and the pain goes on day after day. Employees and business processes rely on IT infrastructure to support their success. If yours does not run optimally it costs your business day in and day out. Failing to plan means you are planning to fail. The true cost of under planning and under budgeting can be as costly as 20% of business revenue in the long run. Shadownet saves its clients tens of millions of Rand annually through improved IT forecasting and budgeting.

Forecasting is a means to an end… improved performanceimproved revenues and profitability. If your IT budget and planning methodologies are underperforming it is likely your company will too.

Client conditions… sound familiar?

Tentative about when and how to call in IT infrastructure experts to ensure your forward facing IT strategic roadmap makes sense

Can’t seem to translate your business strategy into a workable IT roadmap which correlates

Irresolute on how to plan for rainy days including risks of equipment malfunctioning

Having a challenge defining your resource network to achieve efficiencies and marketplace leverage

An IT roadmap designed and implemented by mistake finding experts which correlates to your business plan is an investment in success.

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