The Mistake

Losing connectivity? Bad Internet getting you down? Connectivity failure is a major issue in South Africa. Does this sound like your story: “Your Internet connectivity has been a nightmare until now, thank goodness your new fibre connectivity is about to be installed.” That will fix everything, surely? Well, in a word – no. On your network you compete with multiple users who all have multiple devices that all have multiple applications – all competing for internet bandwidth… you lose! Now you’re mad because that overzealous sales person told that all fibre was born equal, it’s the wonder cure, and you’ll have no more connectivity issues, however this was not the case.


Your mistake has cost you paying more per month, without the productivity gains you thought it would bring. Shadownet solves these mistakes for clients by its pragmatic, analytical approach to bandwidth provisioning. Trust our methodologies to help solve your mistakes.

Client conditions… sound familiar?

Uncertain about the right type and specification of internet connectivity you need and afraid to make the wrong choice

Unsure about bandwidth utilisation solutions and how to establish criteria and solutions for prioritising critical applications

Undecided about how to control internet usage and don’t want to create a clinical working environment

Connectivity failure is a concern and the concept of a failover connection is totally over your head

Unsettled about whether you have true uncapped connectivity, or if you would be throttled, hard capped, or restricted in any way

Internet connectivity is a critical element of your business. We find mistakes lurking in your solution which cost you on a daily basis.

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