The Mistake

Shadownet understands the high cost of poor network design. IT support costs (not to mention productivity bottlenecks) spiral out of control when network design is poor. We provide IT support to our clients in a holistic fashion based on our view that incidental support will be minimal when the underlying IT infrastructure is sound. We encounter flawed physical and logical network design at prospective clients all too often that threatens how their networks achieve maximum functionality and productivity. The fact is that if your network topology is not optimal, fails to align with increased workload and growth, or isn’t designed to global best practices, it means that you will have to work that much harder to get the results you want in business. A poor topology results in data and access strangulation and provides numerous challenges to daily operations, and increased support costs.


Avoiding costly design and support mistakes that could be lurking in the shadows of your IT infrastructure is a scorecard that leadership knows is important. Shadownet sheds light on them so you can get running optimally.

Client conditions… sound familiar?

Totally frustrated with IT systems that always fail you, and IT support that is ineffective

Afraid that the mistake of neglecting to maintain your network will leave you stranded, and you know the cost of failure far outweighs the cost and benefit of regular maintenance

Unclear about when and how to overhaul your network. Confronted with the reality that business needs change often and need to avoid ad hoc IT changes which introduce instability

Can’t stay up to date with the rapid change in technology. Your challenge: how to futureproof your business by making sound IT investments which satisfy your bottom line

You are not left confident that network monitoring is in operation on your infrastructure to proactively predict fault conditions and deploy automated healing strategies

Your IT support and network design should leave you smiling during the day and sleeping easy at night. If you are worried that there are mistakes waiting to be uncovered in your network environment, Shadownet will find them – guaranteed.

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