The Mistake

Most people believe that backing up data is as simple as making sure your files are copied to a second location, ready to be accessed if your primary storage fails. What they fail to realise is that backing up data is a complex sciencewhich needs to be planned and implemented meticulously – and maintained regularly. There is no worse feeling than when you thought you had a backup and you are horribly let down. What’s even worse is when that mistake costs you clients, money, sleep, and time.


Do you know what application aware backup is? Are you familiar with granular restores of Active Directory or Microsoft Exchange? Can you call yourself a guru when it comes to compressed block level de-duplicated infinite incremental backup technologies? Do you have hybrid layers of onsite and offsite protection in your backup regime? The list of questions to ask continues when it comes to the complex multi-billion Dollar industry of backup.

Making a mistake here can cost you your job, or fatally cripple your business. Don’t let this happen to you! Ensure you are adequately covered with a backup and disaster recovery plan that suits your business requirements.

Client conditions… sound familiar?

Not sure how to establish protocols on regularly reviewing backup requirements and recovery objectives to ensure they meet the future growth of your business

Defining and implementing an IT business continuity strategy including running mission critical type operations where downtime is completely unacceptable

Unconfident about what architecture of the multiple layers of backup defence to deploy in your IT environment, including onsite, replication, offsite, disc based, tape based, cloud based, high availability

The need to design a balanced recovery strategy and determine whether to deploy an onsite, offsite, or hybrid strategy

How much, how often, when, what to back up, and where is necessary and enough when it comes to my backup?

Network and business analysis carried out by Shadownet ensures you will avoid making a mistake which could cost you everything.

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